TELEform v10 Released

Cardiff is pleased to announce version ten of TeleForm, the most comprehensive release yet!

Cardiff TeleForm v10 expands upon fifteen years of proven excellence to offer the capability to capture unstructured as well as semi-structured data. Whether you process loan applications or clinical information, simple forms or complex sets, TeleForm v10 provides an easy-to-use, scalable platform that equips your organization to capture data from most any source in a secure, dependable environment; and then to track, audit and search the process behind the form giving you maximum efficiency and ensuring compliance to organization and government regulation.

TeleForm v10 enables customers to:

  • Automatically capture and index any form or document type
  • Easily and rapidly fold information from paper into electronically-based workflows from both distributed and centralized locations
  • Embed intelligence within the form to navigate the business process
  • Enforce internal and external regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increase productivity across a disparate, global enterprise

TELEform - Document Capture

The drive for greater efficiency in business is stronger than ever before, as organizations attempt to improve their bottom line. In today's digital economy, the most successful organizations are also the most efficient, achieving more with fewer people and dwindling resources. Nowhere is the need for efficiency greater than in the information based processes that drive business in the modern enterprise. Whether it's the service requests in Customer Support, the work orders in Manufacturing or the invoices in Accounting, more than 80% of all business documents and forms are processed manually. Such human intervention in business-critical processes is time-consuming, expensive and increases the probability of errors.. This high-accuracy, high-throughput automated content capture system reduces the operating costs associated with manual data entry, increases efficiency and provides an on-ramp for back-office applications, such as Web-based content and document management, ERP and CRM systems.

What is TELEform ?

TELEform is a software application designed to dramatically decrease the amount of time and effort normally required to capture data from paper based forms and documents. The software uses multiple Optical Character Recognition engines to read human hand print and machine printed information from scanned documents. Currently, TELEform is one of the most widely used automated forms processing applications, with more than 20 000 installations around the globe. The software can effectively capture data ten to twenty times faster than any manual data capturing process. The software is highly flexible and allows the user to create as many paper based or web-based forms as they need, whenever they need them. Data from the forms, once processed, is automatically exported to any ODBC compliant database, CSV, Excel, or text file. DIGIform has extensive experience in the implementation of TELEform as a forms processing and data capturing tool, and is in a position to offer all the technical expertise and experience necessary to implement TELEform into your existing infrastructure.

Superior Recognition and Throughput

At the core of TELEform's powerful form and document processing capabilities is a state-of-the-art voting system that leverages the advanced RecoFlex technology, an award-winning neural-based recognition system. TELEform includes the latest version of the RecoFlex engine, delivering recognition improvements to hand-print (ICR), machine print (OCR), check box (OMR), barcode, image pre-processing and lexical checking. As a result, you'll experience fewer potential false positives and even fewer characters requiring review in the Verifier.

The TELEform Advantage

  • Capture data from forms and documents 10 to 20 times faster than manual capture
  • Automatically export captured data to single or multiple databases simultaneously Control the entire capture process, from point of scan to data and image export
  • Validate data at the point of capture, to avoid "dirty" information being passed to your business systems (eg. ID number validation, credit card validation, data base lookups, credit checks etc.)
  • Index images and documents into document management systems automatically
  • Error trap spelling mistakes and other possible inconsistencies at the point of capture, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  • In a financial services organization, use a fax server, a mail server and the TELEform Automerge Publisher to configure automated replies back to the sender of an application form, advising them of the status of their application, or requests for additional information (Home loans, vehicle finance, personal loans etc.)
  • Signature Validation - TELEform can be integrated with manual and automated signature validation applications.
  • Use the TELEform E-forms module to quickly convert forms to HTML and PDF format, creating electronic forms

TELEform and DIGIform

Since inception, TELEform has been a core focus at DIGIform. Our engineers have implemented more than 25 systems in South Africa and abroad, ranging from single user systems, to mission critical forms processing applications involving tens of thousands of forms a day. Our TELEform development team has integrated TELEform with a host of document and content management solutions, back office validation and scoring systems, as well as ERP solutions.

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Download a TELEform v10 Features and Benefits document here

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