The market leader in fax server software. Fax Server, RightFax Edition reduces costs, risks, and overhead associated with standalone fax machines and paper driven processes, integrates with a wide range applications and devices, and securely delivers documents to help organizations with compliance initiatives.

Maintaining over four times the market share of its nearest competitor, Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition (formerly Captaris RightFax) helps companies across the globe reduce costs associated with managing the business critical faxes and documents that drive their daily operations.

Thousands of organizations have replaced their traditional fax hardware and infrastructure with Open Text Fax Server, allowing users to send and receive faxes directly from the desktop. Fax Server automates the flow of fax, paper, and electronic documents, which helps businesses deliver information securely and efficiently from virtually any application. Fax Server is a fax software application that makes sending and receiving a fax as easy as sending e-mail. Users can easily send a fax to email. Fax Server can also provide fax over IP (FoIP) capability by integrating directly into a VoIP network. MFP faxing is also a very common and growing use of Open Text Fax Server. By eliminating the steps common in manual processes, organizations can reduce their exposure to risk by securely delivering documents in compliance with key regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.

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