ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture 9.0  is the next evolution of the powerful data and document capture system. Enriched with new functionality now it provides virtually unlimited productivity and power to free your business from the most challenging document processing tasks.

It is the right solution for

  • any document
  • any industry
  • any volume
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Features and Benefits

Automated documents classification, indexing and data extraction from any kind of documents

Speed up business processes by automating them and eliminating time- and resource-consuming manual data entry.


Renowned accuracy

Embedded with ABBYY award-winning recognition and classification technologies and offering built-in validation rules FlexiCapture ensures exceptional accuracy of data. Ergonomic verification interfaces allow additional verification of sensitive and questionable data.

Optimized performance

The advanced server-based architecture allows effective every-day processing of unlimited document volumes. The core of the system is the powerful Processing server which undertakes all resource-intensive operations and performs automated tasks distribution among the processing stations and load balancing.

Flexible workflow

Take advantage of the flexible workflow that can be easily adjusted to your specific business processes.

The workflow also allows document processing in a fully unattended mode.

Advanced scalability

FlexiCapture offers two installations in one and provides the full compatibility between them. This allows an easy and reasonable start for small and medium businesses and an option to easily expand your data and document capture environment as your company’s needs grow.

Flexible number of local or remote workstations can accommodate any processing volume.

Flexible integration and customization tools

Customize your data and document capture solution and smoothly integrate the software into your existing business processes.


Superior usability in both set up and every-day exploitation

Easy set-up and quick deployment.

Get quick ROI and enjoy low total cost of ownership.

Remote document capture

Capture documents at the point of their entry eliminating costs on delivery and paper storage.


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