FaxCore is a true 21st Century fax server application with a mix of standard no extra cost features unparalleled in the industry. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework (3.5 and above) the FaxCore high-performance engine is designed to deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. FaxCore lets you fax enable the entire organization locally or globally.

FaxCore 2007 is integrated with many Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server and Microsoft Server 2008 for the latest in Unified Communications (UC) technology and without cumbersome connectors. These are the features required in today's converged world. Support of VoIP solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Nortel ShoreTel and others extends and leverages existing UC deployments and all of them are standard -- They are not extra cost components. FaxCore understands that VoIP and converged IP customers want simplicity and the lower costs associated with today's new technologies.

The FaxCore fax server leverages web and internet based technology to deliver cost effective and simple implementations. By leveraging AJAX, the rich functionality normally associated with a Fat Client is available to both Users and Administrators through a browser UI. The interface (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari & Chrome) also facilitates rapid deployment to all enterprise locations. Administrators and users don't have to be at their PCs to send a fax, or manage the system for true 21st Century mobility.

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