Custom Development

Does your business have a unique functional requirement?

Are "over the counter" products to specific or inflexible for your needs?

DIGIform have extensive experience in the arena of custom development.

We can develop your application using your language or database of choice - be it Visual Basic 6, Microsoft c# or - and Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or DB2.

All custom developed is fully supported for up to 3 months after completion.

DIGIform can develop a solution to your unique requirements.

DIGIform have developed all sizes of applications - from single workstation solutions to enterprise wide processing systems.

These have included:

  • Fax Extract Utilities
  • Local Council Meter Reading Tracking and Billing Utilities
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Cell Phone Warranty Vetting Applications
  • Bar Code Recognition Application
  • Enterprise Level Staff Recruitment solution
  • Scan Burst Application (using Bar codes)
  • Email Extraction and Archiving
  • PDF Template Fill from Data Source and Bulk Email
  • PDF Automation
  • RightFAX Billing Application
  • Refractory Quality Control System
  • Text to Excel Conversions with Line by Line Intelligent
  • Content checking and decision making