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Better BPM for the Enterprise

LiquidOffice, Verity's enterprise-class BPM platform, exceeds all other options with unique and powerful capabilities that enable organizations to accelerate revenue, ensure compliance and connect their global workforces with information and processes.

Companies in virtually every industry, including many of the Global 2000 as well as major government and public sector organizations, rely on LiquidOffice for:

  • An intuitive process design and modeling environment, robust process orchestration, comprehensive reporting and analytics, and open, standards-based support for human and machine interfaces.
  • Extensive support for paper and digital content capture.
  • Built-in enterprise-class advanced search, enabling visibility into in-process content.
  • User-determined process functionality that enables immediate reduction in transfer and queuing times on a broad scale of processes.

Accelerate Your Enterprise

Full Range of Options to Manage Business Processes

LiquidOffice is the only BPM solution that combines enterprise-class search with the full range of structured, user-determined, and self-altering workflow options. Collectively, these capabilities provide businesses with the real-time process control needed to deliver better decisions, higher employee productivity and more effective customer service.

In-process Enterprise-class Search

The market's first and only "in-process" enterprise-class search surfaces content at the right step and time in a business process. As soon as a document is created or modified, it is pushed to the search engine for indexing. This results in better, faster and more confident decisions. With other vendors, critical business information cannot be accessed until the completed content is placed in a repository at the end of a process.

Verity K2 Enterprise Integration

Enterprises with Verity K2 software can extend the reach of K2's search, classification, recommendation, monitoring, and alerting capabilities to "in-process" content on a LiquidOffice server. This also enables users to simultaneously search "in-process" content on a LiquidOffice server, as well as completed content and attachments in the back-end repositories indexed by Verity K2 Enterprise.

Structured Processes

Powered by intuitive drag-and-drop technologies, LiquidOffice accelerates the design and execution of structured processes for unique business requirements and regulatory compliance needs. No programming expertise is required.

To effectively map structured workflows based on defined business rules, LiquidOffice provides advanced features such as:

  • Process simulation
  • Library of predefined tasks
  • Sub-processes
  • Built-in templates
  • Conditional transitions
  • Serial and parallel routing
  • On-the-fly Process Alteration

Unique to Verity, this powerful capability allows enterprises to dynamically modify business rules, conditionally alter the process map, and effectively allocate responsibilities for a given task. Users can manage new tasks and relationships from a process template that provides effective versioning and deployment tools.

LiquidOffice gives organizations the agility they need to respond to changing market conditions, and optimize complex processes that are not easily created beforehand.

User-determined Processes

LiquidOffice enables an immediate reduction in transfer and queuing times on a broad scale of processes through its unique user-deter-mined workflow capabilities. Specifically, users can:

  • Define processes around job functions or roles, rather than to specific groups or individuals
  • Add attachments to content en route
  • View and add notes/comments to content en route
  • Approve, reject or provide additional information to the content
  • Be notified via email that a new item has arrived for review or approval
  • Set up various profile settings that control user interface and content preferences, Web Desktop layout, and more.

Enforce Compliance and Best Practices

Comprehensive Monitoring and Management Capabilities

LiquidOffice provides compelling monitoring and manageability features that protect your investment in processes, give you greater visibility into your business, and help enforce compliance requirements across the enterprise. With the ability to identify bottlenecks, audit usage, analyze workflow and handle exceptions, LiquidOffice lets you make real-time improvements to the processes that drive your business.

Real-time Process Monitoring and Reporting

Proactively take action on processes that stall, identify bottlenecks, and gain greater visibility into every step of a structured workflow. LiquidOffice automatically reroutes tasks, sends alerts and tracks the status of a process, the time associated with completing each task, and all approvals, reviews and edits. Custom reports can be created with a third-party reporting tool such as Crystal Reports.

Centralized Management

The LiquidOffice Management Console is a rich client application that downloads seamlessly from the LiquidOffice Server providing system and business administrators a place to centrally manage users, permissions, database and document exports, form settings, monitor process activity, and more.

Connect Agent Security

Connect Agent security enables administrators to limit which LiquidOffice users have access to configuring lookups, validations, and exports to backend databases.

Stage-specific Permission Rights

Users can be assigned different permission rights at each stage of a process. For example, a user may be authorized to view blank forms, but restricted from "in-process" form-based content.

Forms Repository

The LiquidOffice Forms repository provides users with a single, centralized source where they can securely access blank or completed forms. LiquidOffice lets administrators publish forms to a directory of folders in the repository. LiquidOffice's full-text search is available for users to quickly access the correct form.
Securely Connect People, Processes & Content

Adherence to Enterprise Standards

With multiple language and format support, LiquidOffice securely connects people, processes, information and the relationships between them. This means business users-whatever their roles, and wherever they're located-stay better informed and collaborate more effectively.

Open Standards Approach to Integration

The LiquidOffice APIs constitute a development environment based entirely upon open standards - enabling the transparent sharing of data and documents in addition to the interoperation of applications and back-end systems. The LiquidOffice APIs utilize Java, JavaScript, Java Server PagesTM (JSP) technology, XML (as the interchange language), SOAP, and other open-standard technologies as a way of developing connectivity between LiquidOffice and a company's business applications including applications that are built on the Microsoft .NET platform. LiquidOffice was build from the ground up to leverage and comply with open standards such as PDF, HTML, and XML.

Broad Format Support

As the only format-agnostic solution on the market, LiquidOffice supports the most widely used digital form formats in the enterprise. Proprietary clients or form fill plug-ins are not required. Users can set their preferred form presentation as PDF, HTML, or InfoPath in their user profile.

Electronic Signatures

LiquidOffice supports electronic signatures for PDF, HTML and InfoPath forms. Electronic signatures can also be validated on HTML forms for authenticity, ensuring compliance with a number of regulatory requirements and corporate policies.

Paper Automation

Manage and process all of your paper and electronic forms together. LiquidOffice integrates seamlessly with Verity TeleForm, a content capture system that's capable of processing thousands of paper forms per day with superior accuracy, speed and efficiency.

XML Virtual Submit

XML Virtual Submit capabilities enable a wide range of mobile applications including cell phones and Pocket PCs to automate data collection and initiate user-defined processes within LiquidOffice. Specifically, the XML Virtual Submit schema supports using XML to send form identification, pre-filled field data, digital attachments, and form routing to LiquidOffice.

Multiple Language Support

Business today is become increasingly international, requiring the ability to design forms and process information in multiple languages. LiquidOffice supports Unicode character sets so you connect with people, processes and information across geographies.

Data and Document Export Connect Agents

Content processed through LiquidOffice can be connected to data targets using pre-built Verity Connect Agents, which support XML, ODBC or JDBC compliant applications. This enables the export of data to backend databases such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Image Archive Connect Agents are used to store PDF copies of completed content, along with XML index data and attachments, into back-end systems. Archive Connect Agents have been developed by Verity and partners to support automated processing into systems from Documentum, FileNet, Legato, Hyland, Open Text and others.

Data and Document Input Connect Agents

Document Input Connect Agents enable devices like the Xerox Document Centre device to scan documents directly into a LiquidOffice user's personal folder. Users will then be able to add those as attachments in-process.

In-process Integration with Content Repositories

LiquidOffice Connect Agents enables processes to integrate with one or more content repositories so that archived information can be used as attachments or reference within a process.
Scale Your Processes to Grow Your Business.

Enterprise-ready Architecture

Your enterprise is getting bigger and more complex by the day. The information employees need to support strategic decisions is scattered among hundreds of processes, across dozens of departments, in numerous back-end repositories, on paper and electronic forms and documents, and increasingly in multiple languages. LiquidOffice was built to address these complexities.

High Scalability & Fault-tolerance

LiquidOffice's multi-server architecture easily scales to meet the growth of users, content and processes across your enterprise-while maintaining the highest level of performance. By distributing the load, LiquidOffice also eliminates single points of failure and ensures the business processes that drive your enterprise are always online.

Cross-Platform Support

LiquidOffice offers cross-platform options for hosting on Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 and Sun Solaris UNIX systems. Furthermore, LiquidOffice is certified with IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic asCommand Agents

The LiquidOffice Server is the core engine for LiquidOffice. It has an XML interchange structure a Contact DIGIform today to discuss your capture requirements


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