Teleform Integration

Part of the reason Cardiff's TELEform is potentially such a powerful and flexible building tool is the fact that is has a scripting ability.

These scripts can be used from simple field format checking to complex backend system lookups and report logging.

DIGIform personnel have been working with TELEform scripting for over 8 years and can provide the skills needed to optimise TELEform in your organisation.

Prior to TELEform v9 BasicScript was the language of choice for the scripting backend.

BasicScript is very similar in structure and function to VB Script with an exception of the Notepad editor and a few syntax variances.

DIGIform personnel have had extensive experience using BasicScript. With some personnel giving in depth training courses on the use of the language.

From TELEform v9 onwards the use of Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) became the back end language of choice for TELEform (although BasicScript) is still supported.

As Visual Basic is DIGIform's technical personnel’s equivalent of a first language, we can bring our years of Visual Basic experience to bear.

TELEform’s scripting backend, regardless of language, is used extensively to perform complex checks and calculations in addition to allowing the plugging in of Com and ActiveX objects.

The use of Com and ActiveX objects greatly extends the capabilities of the TELEform system.